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nutter n : a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad [syn: wacko, whacko]

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see Nutter



  • (UK) /nʌtə/


nut + -er


  1. A person who gathers nuts.
  2. An eccentric, insane, crazy or reckless person.
  3. A person who is obsessed with something.


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A person who gathers nuts
An eccentric, insane, crazy or reckless person
A person who is obsessed with something

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A Nutter (or nut gatherer) is one who gathers nuts, and is hence a family name and a placename. The word nutter is also a pejorative term describing certain behavioural characteristics.

People called Nutter

The family name Nutter is derived from the occupation. There are some research that suggests the family name is actually a British spelling of the Danish origin name Naughter, meaning cow farmer.
There has been a decline in the number of people named Nutter. Within Great Britain, the number of people with this surname has declined from 84 per million in 1881 to 35 per million in 1996 The authors of this research, based at University College London, suggested that the decline was due to people changing name in order to avoid the negative connotations attached to the word "nutter"
People with the family name Nutter include:

Places called Nutter

In England there are at least 17 Nutter Streets, Nutter Roads, Nutter Lanes, and Nutter Crescents. Other places commonly named Nutter include:

Things commonly named Nutter

Concepts commonly named Nutter


A Nutter (or nut) is a person obsessed with a particular item/sport/concept to the point of knowing a maddening amount about the said topic. For example: A Formula 1 fan, who knows all the drivers and their respective teams, starting positions and finishing places for all races for the last 20 years, could be referred to as a "Formula 1 Nutter".
See also Lone Nutter.

Reckless people

A Nutter is someone performing stunts that, while often not dangerous, are sometimes not too sane. The use of the word varies, from person to person. Some consider it an insult while others take it as a compliment to their apparent disrespect for their own personal safety. Some consider it as offensive as a swear word. The Welsh musical group Goldie Lookin Chain dedicated their song "Your Missus is a Nutter" to David Beckham.

People with mental disorders

Particularly in the UK, people with mental disorders are often nicknamed nutters. In general, the word describes a person who behaves erratically or abnormally. The word was probably made popular by Jasper Carrott in his "Nutter on the Bus" routine.

Also of interest

  • Pendle Witches - an incident which possibly led "nutter" into modern English vocabulary.
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